Most frequently Asked Questions

Tooth Gems are tiny glass crystals that are moulded to a reflective foil backing.  They are adhered to the teeth with special dental adhesives.  They take about 5 minutes to apply and  the techniques and procedures we use have been formulated with over 15 years experience in the dental industry.

Anybody who wants one and wants an extra reason to smile!  All of our clients are required to fill out a Client Application Contract before they have their Tooth Gem so we can make sure they fit the criteria to have one.  The Application Contract covers things such as parental/guardian consent for clients under 16 years of age.  It also lets you know that if you have dentures, caps, crowns  or any allergies to dental products.  It you tick yes to any of the above then you need to  speak to the person applying your Tooth Gem first as you can not have a Tooth Gem on any of these teeth, because our adhesives are only for real teeth.

Absolutely.  It takes about five minutes to apply a Tooth Gem and the longest part of that five minutes is choosing which gem you want and where you want it! The procedure is very simple, completely safe and all done while you sit up and look in the mirror.  The person applying your gem will take you through step by step instructions and will clean the tooth with a special gel and then glue the gem to the tooth.  There is no fuss, no drilling, pain or awkwardness!  Yes IT IS THAT SIMPLE.  You will then be given some instructions to take home on how to look after your gem.  You will be so excited with your new look you will want to treat it like a diamond!

No, crowns, dentures and caps are very smooth and shiny and a natural tooth is not.  The glues are designed to be used with natural teeth and therefore the Tooth Gems will NOT STICK to any artificial teeth.  Under these circumstances it is better to advise you to choose a natural tooth for the crystal or visit their dentist.

No, everything used in the application of Tooth Gems is safe and has been used in the Dental Industry for many years.  As the adhesives are dental products they are very similar to what is used when applying Dental Braces.  They will not stain or harm the teeth in any way. They will fall off naturally.

No you must sit up just as if you were having your hair done.

All the staff and operators are trained to apply Tooth Gems with comprehensive training guides, questionnaires and experience to a high and strict dental hygiene standard.  None of this work is invasive at all however we still need to be aware and careful of things such as cross contamination from saliva as we are working in the mouth.  All staff will wear gloves when applying your gem.

No.  Generally anywhere from a few months to a year is pretty standard, however some have been on for well over twelve months.  The beauty of Tooth Gems is you can have them on or off whenever YOU WANT. You can choose the colour for the season and the style for the moment.  The length of time a tooth gem remains on the tooth is due to a number of factors.  The acidity level of the mouth, client lifestyle, i.e. what you eat or drink, and how closely the aftercare advice is followed.  This is given to each client to take home so you can look after it and treat it as if it were a diamond!  These factors all play a part in the life of a temporary Tooth Gem.    One of the exciting concepts of Tooth Gems is the ongoing opportunity to change the colours and styles making them such a fantastic fashion accessory. As part of our ongoing Customer Service program we have a detailed section for your clients to fill in where we can keep up to date records of the Tooth Gems and their placements for later information.

The Tooth Gem can be safely removed at anytime however when a Tooth Gem is freshly applied the bond is at its strongest and it may be harder for you to remove the Tooth Gem.  A Tooth Gem can be removed by using dental floss in a downward motion or picking it off with your finger nail.  We officially recommend that you see your dentist who will remove it easily.  Sometimes if you bite into something too hard you can sheer the gem away from its foil backing leaving that on the tooth.   This can be removed in the same manner as above.

It takes years to build up a stain on teeth either from smoking or drinking tea or coffee. The gems would normally not last over 12 months so it would be very rare to have any stain.  It may leave a small amount of adhesive sometimes, which can be simply and safely removed with dental floss.  We would recommend the use of a tooth whitening product once your gem has been removed.

Absolutely nothing.  The tooth gem will just pass through the body in the usual process.

So enjoy your Tooth Gem experience and give yourself or your clients another reason to smile!

Most importantly, having a Tooth Gem should be an exciting and fun  experience, not like a trip to the dentist.   So go on, style your smile today!