Mouth ulcer and mouth cancer are distinct from one another and therefore, the symptoms of the two diseases are not identical either.  However, new or repeated occurrence of mouth ulcers needs medical advice so that you can be free from recurring incidence of mouth ulcers. Fundamental difference between mouth cancer and mouth ulcer include:-

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Cancer is a more serious affliction

As most of us do know, mouth ulcers are generally benign though it does cause temporary discomfort and pain. Mouth cancer on the other hand, is a more serious affliction and you cannot afford to lose any time with, if you suspect mouth cancer due to surfacing of symptoms or for any other reason.  Ruling out possibilities of mouth cancer through competent medical advice is always necessary to prevent more serious consequences later.

Oral cancer is also the deadliest and most common disease across the world and the survival rate is about 50% and 5 years. Some 400,000 people across the globe are newly diagnosed with this killer disease with more men compared to women affected by the disease. A 2005 WHO report, incidence of oral cancer in men vary between 1 and 10 for every 100,000 population in several countries. Tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy diet, and areca nut are considered the major contributors for oral cancer and the cause of most deaths from cancer.  Most common treatment for oral cancer includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery and is aimed at limiting the spread of cancer than extinguishing the problem. Prompt treatment and early diagnosis are considered extremely beneficial for the affected individuals.

Dietary supplements such as vegetables and fruits rich in phytochemicals delivering a wide range of anti-oxidants are also considered beneficial in reducing the impact of oral cancer. Antioxidants can neutralize the free radicals by giving away electrons and ending the reaction that steals electrons. Anti oxidant nutrients in either form are also stable and therefore cannot transform into free radicals when they donate an electron.

Additionally, healthy lifestyle, diet, and yoga including meditation and breathing exercises like pranayama are also known to have beneficial effect on preventing oral cancer.

Among natural ways of addressing oral cancer, the following products are known to be helpful



This microalgae in green-blue colour has been found in everyday diet of native Americans and Africans. This natural product is also considered the healthiest food with focus on antioxidants, essential fatty acids, probiotics, nutraceuticals, and phytonutrients, apart from being an excellent source of a wide range of proteins. Spirulina is non toxic and comes with zero side effects.



Neem brings a wide range of carcinogen detoxifying agents that can inhibit  metalloproteases production  and reduce migration and invation by the cancer cells.

Symptoms of mouth cancer

mouth cancer

Symptoms of mouth cancer are distinct from that of mouth ulcer. While mouth cancer can manifest in your mouth, lips, throat, tongue, sinuses, larynx, pharynx, and salivary glands, mouth ulcer is generally seen inside the mouth, inside the lips and on the tongue. Therefore, if the symptoms that you notice point to mouth cancer, are painless generally and present no irritation like in the case of mouth ulcer, you should immediately see a qualified Oncologist, or at least your GP to rule out the possibility of your having contracted a serious disease. You should also be on your toes looking for one or more of the following developments that could spell early warnings of the dreaded disease.

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